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Restaurants & Food Industry

Everyone knows that the food industry must meet health department codes. Bare concrete is taboo in this business! We have the ideal solution for your needs. A seamless, non-slip floor coating that functions like a workhorse. Unlike tile with grout, it does not attract bacteria, and it’s easy to clean. Ask us about an antimicrobial option for your floor!

Medical Facilities

Operating rooms, pharmaceutical companies and nursing homes can benefit from our resinous coatings. We offer a sanitary, stain and chemical resistant solution. Bacteria cannot hide in crevices with our seamless coatings. Keep downtime to a minimum with our fast curing options. Operate your institution with the best the flooring industry has to offer!

Showrooms & Department Stores

Your floors take a beating. Think of the hundreds of feet that cross them every day! An epoxy floor coating is an attractive, durable solution. Check out ReFlexions Metallic for a designer look. VCT tile may be less money initially, but after figuring long term maintenance costs, a resinous coating is the better investment.


From cafeterias, to locker rooms, to hallways, a seamless, epoxy floor coating is an outstanding choice. Colors can be tailored to match your theme. You can include custom symbols and designs for visual appeal. A resinous floor is long lasting, durable, and easy to maintain.  

Public Restrooms

Avoid tile with grout, which attracts dirt and bacteria, and welcome a sanitary flooring solution. With the advantage of being seamless, a resinous floor will help keep your area hygienic. Perhaps you have worked with a rough, epoxy floor that wasn’t easy to clean in the past. We use inter-coat sanding when we install to create a much smoother, cleanable surface.