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Transform your concrete. Complete your space!

Epoxy coatings & concrete polishing for beautifully finished concrete floors.

Modern Styles

Expert Installation

Love Your Floor!

Are Your Floors Holding You Back?

Great floors set the stage for productive work, tidy organization, and fun gatherings. So, if your concrete is…

  • Dusty, drab or grungy
  • Covered in a peeling, DIY disaster
  • An eyesore that makes you cringe

It’s Time to Get Your Floor in Shape!

Your New Floor Will Impress for Years

Top of the line product with expert installation

Commercial grade products installed by trained professionals

Impress your family & friends

Instead of being embarrassed, you can show off your floor.

Save money in the long run

It costs more money to install, remove & replace a floor than to install a floor properly from the get go.

It’s an Honor to Serve You

In an industry filled with outlandish warranties, marketing hype & companies that come and go, it’s hard to know who to trust. At Ideal Coatings, our premise is to install industry leading products with integrity.

  • No short cutting prep
  • No broadcasting into the prime coat
  • No skimping on product

With over 20 years of experience, we have earned the confidence of our clients by providing floors that are still being used today!

Let’s Get Started.

Request a Quote

Setup a site visit so we can get a feel for the space and show you the options. If the site is in the building process, we can work off digital prints.

Schedule the Install

After you receive your quotes, contact us to get on the install schedule. Summer is our busiest season, so expect 8-12 weeks out during that time.

Love Your Floor

Be amazed at the beauty of your finished floor. Enjoy the admiring glances of your family & friends. As a bonus, you will find cleaning a breeze!

At Ideal Coatings, we know you want to have the picture perfect home. Finishing your concrete floors is one of the final steps to make your home complete.

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The problem is, this is not a DIY project and you don’t want to choose an installation you’ll later regret. We believe there should be an installer you can trust. We understand how hard it is to sort through the technical data and conflicting messages. That’s why we bring our expertise to the table and offer our best recommendations. Here’s how it works. Schedule a consultation to get a quote, setup the install, & love your new floor. Contact us now for an in home consultation so you can stop being dissatisfied with your floors and start being the homeowner everyone admires!

Your team scheduled our garage for the 2nd week in May and finished it that same week.  Everything was completed exactly as we had discussed, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.  The color, texture, and professionally installation was truly top shelf.

Nick Stanage

I certainly heard about the firms that do 1 day installations and watched their video. Lowell explained your multi step process which made so much sense and gave me a feeling that I would get a quality job that would last years. Now that the floor is done, I am extremely pleased with the results.

Dave Hanichak

Our Clients